Mile 26 Sports offers personal online coaching as well as custom training plans.
Mile 26 Coach Josh Spiker is both RRCA and USATF certified and was a former Division 1 NCAA All-American, and an Olympic Trials qualifier.

Personal Online Coaching - Schedule is updated weekly based on how the previous weeks training went. Every athlete gets a training log with their schedule loaded and logs what they actually do.
Custom Training Plan - Athletes fills out a training questionnaire to give us a solid understanding of current and past training. The Coach then writes a 12 to 20 week custom schedule based on athletes current and past training.
Generic Training Plan - A non-custom schedule that does not consider athletes current or past training. For some people these are totally adequate and for some people they really need more guidance.

Personal Coaching

$100 per month. Sign Up at

Custom Training Program

$70 to $100. Sign Up at

The primary difference between personal coaching and a custom training program is that with personal coaching training is updated weekly based on athlete feedback and there is regular communication between athlete and coach. Coaching is a live program in that it is ever adapting based on how the athlete is responding.

The first step of starting personal coaching or a one time custom training schedule is to fill out an online questionnaire that helps us better understand you as an athlete. After evaluating the questionnaire we set up your online training one week at a time. Each workout has your recommended mileage and paces and description and we ask that athletes update their training log by filling in what they actually did as opposed to what was planned. This helps us view what was planned vs completed and view any comments the athletes make. After analyzing the prior weeks training we plan the next week.

If you would like to sign up for personal coaching or a custom training program please sign up at the above links and fill out our training questionnaire at

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