Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes


Stop in and see our wide variety of brands and styles.  We offer Video Gate Analysis to find the best possible shoes for your running style and needs. We offer a wide variety of shoes including

  • Asics
  • Brooks
  • Saucony
  • 361
  • Altra



The ultimate recovery sandal. Ridiculously comfortable.

Biomechanically engineered to alleviate the foot stress and soreness caused by your daily grind. Perfect for casual wear, recovery after a grueling run, or relaxing after a long day on your feet. Slip into a pair and you’ll immediately “Feel the OO”.

Roll Recovery R8

Experience the award-winning R8 deep tissue massage roller and see why athletes everywhere have been drawn to its revolutionary design. The patented technology self-adjusts for different body sizes and targets the IT-bands, quads, hamstrings, calves, shins, gluteus, arms and more. Come try our demo unit.


Feetures Elite Socks $15each

No Blisters. Seamless Toe. The Super comfortable running sock that supports the foot and is anatomically correct (left/right socks). 


No matter what your fitness level or activity preference is, Garmin has you covered. Our line of activity trackers and smartwatches helps you track your activity, then save, plan and share your progress with others. By helping you move a little more each day, you can beat yesterday with the devices that fit your activity level and preferred sport.



  • Keeps your muscles in place
    reducing muscle fatigue
  • Improves awareness of body position
  • Graduated compression improves blood flow and reduces blood lactates
  • Powerful, but light weight and flexible

M26 Fitness


Transform Your Training

Join M26 Fitness to build your fitness in a fun and functional way. We develop the body from a 360 degree perspective using a functional approach to training. No free weights. No bench press. Come try it today and get your first class free.


The best kinesiology tape now at Mile 26 Sports.

We help athletes of every level go stronger, longer with the best kinesiology tape, cutting-edge education, and fitness support products. We want people to move more, and move better.

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